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Fried Meat with Mango Mojo and Cucumbers

Ingredients and procedure:

First clean the meat by removing excess fat, we will put them in a pan over low heat to melt the fat.

Then cut the meat into pieces and season well. Bring to a boil in water that covers and season the water with Adobo Chulería en Pote and salt to taste, 2 bay leaves, 4 leaves of recao and 1/4 cup of apple vinegar.


Boil for 1 hour until slightly tender, then strain and reserve the stock in haberdashery for another preparation. Then remove the pieces of solid fat from the pan where we have melted the fat and in that remaining fat we are going to fry the meat until golden brown. (It does not have to be completely covered in fat).


While we brown the meat. In a deep bowl add 1/2 pinto mango cut into thin strips, 1 cucumber cut into thin slices, 1 onion sliced ​​into thin slices and half a tomato cut into small cubes.


Marinate with the juice of one lemon, fresh coriander to taste, 1 tsp fresh ginger zest, 1 tbsp minced garlic, 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar, 3 tbsp El Cafetal honey, 3 tbsp olive oil and salt to taste. (Optional chop in welcome)

After browning the meat, remove from the pan and drain the excess fat and mix well with the mango and cucumber mixture.

Chef Vivoni

Chuleria in pot

Hacienda Luz de Luna


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