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Look for the Holiday and Parranda boxes,
reserve pork legs, lamb legs, pork crown and many more.
And remember the delicious CRS stuffing for your turkey

Puerto Rico grassfed beef
Puerto Rico grassfed cattle

100% Puerto Rico

grassfed beef

Health and taste do not have to be separated, enjoying a delicious steak can be in harmony with an active and healthy life. Learn about the Grassfed meat that we offer you at CaboRojo Steaks.

Puerto Rico free range cattle
Puerto Rico non presenvatives meat
Farm to home - Store - Delivery
From our clients

"They were the only meats I had during my cancer treatment. Thank you so much for producing such high quality meats!"

Thyroid Cancer Patient

"We had the liver last night and what a treat !. Quit eating liver years ago. We were very pleased with our selections and will try some other cuts tonight. So happy to have found your company and look forward to our next order. Thank you again for everything "

Ann from Vieques
CaboRojo Steaks - 100% Grassfed PR

"Bone Broth" by Grassfed Bones, miracle food!  

There are several ways to make the healthy Grassfed bone broth, the "Slow Cooker" has many followers, check out our Recipe Blog for 3 suggestions on how to prepare it!