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Grassfed Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has excellent weather conditions and extremely fertile lands, being an ideal place for the development of Grassfed practices. Our tropical climate allows us to have fresh and green pastures, almost all year round. In those cases in which the summer or winter is very intense, we can take the necessary provisions to give our herds dry grass that is kept in times of abundance.

It is important to highlight that in Puerto Rico grazing practices are highly diffused, although not all follow the concept  Grassfed , which considers that cattle should not eat grains or foods that contain them, such as chicken manure (waste of chicken or hen excrement from farms).

The meat that is brought to Puerto Rico is mostly "Grainfed" or "Grain Terminated" meat, in both cases when giving grains to the cattle, the aim is to accelerate the fattening in order to be able to slaughter the cattle in less time.

CaboRojo Steaks is one of the promoters of the “GrassFed PR” initiative, together with the Puerto Rico Beef Industry Development Fund (FFICRPR), the University of Puerto Rico, the Cooperativa de Productores de Carne de Res de PR and the Department of Agriculture, under the guidance of the USDA. And with great pride we can say that we are the first Puerto Rican producers to join the American Grassfed Association.

The Grassfed PR initiative additionally incorporates practices that ensure the health and quality of beef, such as:

Tick eradication program.


Electronic identification of cattle.



Constant genetic improvement of the herds.

Providencia Ranch + CaboRojo Steaks = Grassfed !!

At CaboRojo Steaks, by feeding cattle only grass throughout their lives, we let nature do its work and our bulls reach the slaughter weight by eating healthy, because grains are not the adequate food for cattle and although they are they get fat faster, it causes them many diseases.

The healthy cattle of our Grassfed practice, together with the humane treatment given to the cattle, allows us to offer our customers the healthiest and tastiest meat in the Caribbean.

Additionally we guarantee: GMO-free meat, no use of growth hormones, no systematic use of antibiotics, high content of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid), excellent Omega-3 / Omega-6 ratio.

Certificates by external entities

The CaboRojo Steaks process plant is supervised by the USDA, and based on rigorous procedures, it is validated by this entity that the Grassfed products we produce meet all the requirements to be classified in this way.

We are also the first Puerto Rican producer to be part of the American Grassfed Association, the most prestigious private entity in terms of Grassfed certifications in the United States.

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