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Why Grass-Fed?

Grass-fed meat contains high levels of omega 3 and CLA acid that are associated with health benefits with anti-carcinogenic properties. It is low in fat, natural fats are developed to give that tasty flavor without having to overfeed the livestock.

The ecological footprint left by grass-fed livestock farming is extremely low compared to traditional techniques. We reduce methane emissions by not having animals in confinement, we improve the quality of the land and pastures with rotation on our properties. Our lands and pastures reduce the effect of greenhouse gases by retaining carbon dioxide.

CaboRojo Steaks is one of the promoters of the “GrassFed PR” initiative, together with the University of Puerto Rico, the Department of Agriculture, under the guidance of the USDA. And with great pride we can say that we are the first Puerto Rican producers to join the American Grassfed Association.


The Grassfed PR initiative additionally incorporates practices that ensure the health and quality of beef, such as:

Electronic identification of cattle.


Tick eradication program.



Constant genetic improvement of the herds.

Certified by external entities

The CaboRojo Steaks processing plant is supervised by the USDA, and based on rigorous procedures, this entity validates that the Grassfed products we produce meet all the requirements to be able to be cataloged as such.

We are also the first Puerto Rican producer to be part of the American Grassfed Association.

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