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Why Grass-Fed?

Grass-fed beed contains high levels of omega 3 and CLA acid that are associated with health benefits and even anti cancerous agents. The ecological blue print of Grass fed cattle is extremely lower than the traditional grain techniques. We reduce methane emissions by have big gracing spaces and not confined. Cabo Rojo Steaks is one of the proponents of the Grass-fed PR initiative, alongside Universidad de Puerto Rico, Department of Agriculture under the guides of the USDA. And we can say full of pride that we are the first Puerto Rican producers in joining the American Grass-Fed Association. 


The Grassfed PR initiative additionally incorporates practices that ensure the health and quality of beef, such as:

Electronic identification of cattle.


Tick eradication program.



Constant genetic improvement of the herds.

Certificates by external entities

The CaboRojo Steaks process plant is supervised by the USDA, and based on rigorous procedures, it is validated by this entity that the Grassfed products we produce meet all the requirements to be classified in this way.

We are also the first Puerto Rican producer to be part of the American Grass-fed Association.

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