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About us?

Cabo Rojo Steaks is dedicated to the commercialization of beef from cattle raised in Puerto Rico, with high genetic quality breeds acclimatized to our tropics and fed 100% grazing, based on standards and processes that guarantee a high quality product, freshness and above all healthy. Our cattle are fed only with grass, we do not supply grains or any other type of supplement, they do not receive hormones or are systematically treated with antibiotics. The main source of our produce is the Finca Providencia Ranch, which is located in the beautiful and fertile Caribbean lands of Cabo Rojo in Puerto Rico.

We know our product from the moment it is born on our farms until the moment it is delivered to the final consumer. The product you are buying is of the highest quality. With us you can obtain the freshest meats, our products are never re-frozen.

Providencia Ranch

Our farm is located in Cabo Rojo, to the South-West of the Island of Puerto Rico.

It is a livestock area par excellence and tradition on the island. This region has large areas of land suitable for livestock and its soils are excellent for the production of pastures that serve as food for our livestock. Cabo Rojo is one of the most beautiful areas of Puerto Rico due to its proximity to the beaches of the Caribbean Sea.


The breeds of cattle that we raise are the most suitable for the production of meat in our climate. We work with Senepol, Charoláis, Brangus and Red Angus cattle, acclimated to the tropics, being the Senepol breed the base of Providencia Ranch. All are breeds of high genetic quality and excellent for meat production. The combination of breeds, together with the care and dedication that is taken with the livestock, allows us to obtain meats that are high in nutrients, very low in fat and tender to the palate.

How are cattle raised at Providencia Ranch?

At the farm we raise our livestock following the best livestock practices so that the herd grows in a healthy environment, in open fields leading a quiet life under the friendly care of our breeders. This becomes a product with excellent results for human consumption, they are meats high in Omega-3, with a low percentage of Omega-6, low in cholesterol and very tender to the palate. Our cattle are raised by grazing, their diet is based on the cultivation and selection of different varieties of herbs, in order to obtain 100% healthy animals.

Product traceability

You will be able to know where that delicious piece of meat that you are about to taste comes from. We keep strict records of all livestock. Who are their parents, the age of the cattle in the herd, (the life history of each cattle is recorded thanks to the use of ruminal bolus technology. This is a ceramic capsule that contains a chip that serves to identify each herd member). We also record the time that the meat has from the moment it has been processed until it reaches your hands on each label placed on each cut that is vacuum packed. Thus we can guarantee the origin of our product and the freshness of our meats.

Presentation of the product:

The freshest meats in Puerto Rico

We process the meats and they are immediately vacuum packed, then kept in refrigerators at the appropriate temperatures in a “wet aging” process. Our labels indicate the date when it is recommended to freeze to guarantee the freshness you are looking for. With the exception of ground meats and hamburgers that are frozen immediately.


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