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Farmers Market
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Package Opening

You are in time to pre-order for the Farmers Market next Saturday, February 12 in Palmas pre-Valentine's Day. 


Remember that if a cut is not available when ordering you can include it in the order notes, as we process every day.

You can also find in our booth:
T-bones, Ribeyes, Cage free eggs, Ground meat, Burgers, Short ribs, Lamb burgers and sliders, Bone marrow, Artisan butters, Filet mignon ...... and many more cuts for our friends from Palmas del Mar!


Thank you for inviting us

At CoboRojo Steaks we are grateful for the invitation to participate in the Palmas Farmers Market. Where we will be bringing you the variety of Grassfed meat products that we produce at Finca Providencia in Cabo Rojo 


Zato Pet Food

The sister company of CaboRojo Steaks, Zato Pet Food, will accompany us so that the spoiled ones of the house also have healthy and local food of known origin. Based on Grassfed beef. You can order online or look for it at our stand, we will carry a variety.



Register on our page so that you can write us your questions, but also on the day of the Palmas Farmers Market we will be there to answer your questions, or you can contact

Online Orders

You can pre-order 

For your convenience you can place your order online, and we will take it to you to pick it up that day at our stand. You just have to choose the shipping method "Palmas Market $ 0"

Packing Boxes


At the Palmas Farmer Market we will bring you the variety of products that CaboRojo Steaks offers from local Agro-Industrialists. Made in Puerto Rico with quality!

Aussie Farmer

Grassfed and CaboRojo Steaks

CaboRojo Steak operates a processing plant under the supervision of the USDA, they certify that the products we make meet the requirements to be Grassfed, additionally we are the first Puerto Rican producers registered in the American Grassfed Association

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Cows Grazing in Fields
Online Orders
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Place your order, until Friday at 11:00 am, to receive in Palmas on Saturday February 12 - for love and friendship!

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